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IT'S-IT Ice Cream

T'S-IT Ice Cream is a company based in Burlingame, California in the United States.

The company's flagship product, a San Francisco Bay Area favorite since it was invented in 1928, is the It's-It: vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies and covered with dark chocolate

The It's-It was invented by George Whitney, one of the original business owners when San Francisco's Playland at the Beach opened across the Great Highway from Ocean Beach.

For nearly forty five years, until Playland was demolished in 1972, the It's-It was available only at Whitney's shop. After Playland closed, the "It's-It" name was passed on to George Mavros, who continued the tradition of hand-dipping the cookie-sandwiched ice cream in chocolate at another location near Ocean Beach.

In 1974, the Shamieh brothers bought the "It's-It" name, building its current production facility in Burlingame in 1976. It's-It flavours now include chocolate, mint and cappucino in addition to the original vanilla. The company has also added other ice cream products, including the "Super Sundae," the "Big Daddy," the "Super Cone" and the "Chips It."