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Langnese is the local Heartbrand subsidiary of the Anglo-Dutch company Unilever. They are the number one producer of ice cream products in Germany, and their main competitor is Nestlé; a reflection of the relative positions of these two giants in the global market.



Around the world

The same ice as Langnese/Wall's is sold under different names around the world:

  • Algida (Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia)
  • Bresler (Chile)
  • Eskimo (Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic)
  • Frigo (Spain)
  • Frisko (Denmark)
  • GB Glace (Finland and Sweden)
  • Glidat Strauss (גלידת שטראוס) Short: Strauss (שטראוס) (Israel)
  • Good Humor (USA)
  • HB (Ireland)
  • Holanda (Mexico and Latin America)
  • Kibon (Brazil)
  • Langnese (Germany)
  • Miko (France, Morocco)
  • Ola (Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Netherlands and South-Africa)
  • Pierrot Lusso, Short: Lusso (Switzerland)
  • Pingüino(Ecuador)
  • Selecta (Philippines)
  • Streets (Australia, New Zealand)
  • Tio Rico (Venezuela)
  • Wall’s (United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Singapore, Thailand and Maldives)