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Ice Cream Limit

Ice Cream Limit
I just came back from a work related ice cream party. I only went for the last thirty minutes, which was probably wise. Everyone kept getting more and more ice cream, so I did, too. The vanilla was heavenly. But I think I learned that 7 scoops, plus some butterscotch (why doesn't anyone serve caramel at these things?), lots of cherries, and nuts might be a bit too much.

At least I don't have to worry about an ice cream headache. A former friend used to get those all the times. When we'd go for ice cream with him, we'd all just count quietly to ourselves while we waited for him to say "Wow! I've got an ice cream headache!" within 5-7 seconds after his first taste. We thought it was funny that he'd always get them so predictably.

I think I might need to test this theory about 7 scoops plus toppings being too much.