Ice Cream

If you’re searching for the eventual Ice Cream Experience, you’ve come to the correct spot!!.

Ice cream is the most favorite dessert all over the world. It is one of the foodstuffs that we can eat even if we have a full stomach. Ice cream not only refreshes us but also brings a smile on our faces. From the history of ice cream to its present new flavors and recipes, ice cream 'screams' of fun.

Ice cream is a cold dessert typically made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and frequently mixed with fruits or other ingredients and flavours. Most of the ice creams include sugar, while some are made with other sweeteners

In several cases, artificial flavourings and colorings are used in addition to, or instead of, the natural ingredients. The combination of chosen ingredients is stirred gradually while cooling, in order to incorporate air and to prevent large ice crystals from forming. The product is easily textured semi-solid foam that is malleable and can be scooped.

Ice cream has undergone many alterations though one thing remains clear, and that is that ice cream is a favorite treat that is loved by everyone. Earlier owner of Ben and Jerry's ice cream Company said, “I scream- you scream- we all scream for ice cream”. Ice cream is indeed a foodstuff that is enjoyed by people throughout the world!

The International Ice Cream Association (IICA) encourages vendors and customers to commemorate July as National Ice Cream Month. In 2013, National Ice Cream Day will be Sunday, July 21.

Fun Facts about Biggest Ice Cream's
  • The biggest ice cream cake in the earth weighed 12,096 pounds. It was prepared by Carvel Ice Cream Company to celebrate their 70th Birthday on May 25, 2004.
  • The biggest ice cream scoop pyramid was consist of 3,894 scoops and weighed 1,005 pounds. Carvel Ice Cream Company prepared it live on the CBS Early Show on August 20, 2002. It took 58 minutes to full-fill it.
  • The biggest ice cream sandwich weighed 2,460 pounds. It was prepared by Hy-Vee, Inc. teaming up with Wells' Blue Bunny, Metz Baking Company, and Giese Sheet Metal. It was completed on Feb 27, 1998.
  • The biggest ice cream sundae weighed 54,914 pounds. It was prepared by Palm Daries Ltd. in Alberta, Canada in 1988.