Nutritional Value Of Ice Cream

It is significant for adults and children to know the scientific fact about chocolate. Children are habitually denied this treat because of the myths that enclose it. It has been said that chocolate could cause tooth decay and acne and that it has no nutritional value. Most of the bad effects of eating chocolate have been overstated or even are false. For example, chocolate is not very high in caffeine.

A typical 1.4-ounce chocolate bar has the corresponding amount of caffeine found in one cup of decaffeinated coffee. (Coe, 1996) Chocolate has not been confirmed to cause cavities or tooth decay. Dentists agree that the cavity- causing possible of food is not necessarily related to sugar content, but rather to how frequently a food is eaten, the sequence of foods eaten and the amount of time the food left overs in the mouth. Chocolate often has been linked with hyperactivity particularly in children.

Description Quantity Energy
Saturated Fat
vanilla, regular 11% 1 cup 270 32 5 59 133 8.9
vanilla, regular 11% 1/2 galon 2155 254 38 476 1064 71.3
vanilla, regular 11% 3 fl oz 100 12 2 22 50 3.4
vanilla, rich 16% fat 1 cup 350 32 4 88 148 14.7
vanilla, rich 16% fat 1/2 galon 2805 256 33 703 1188 118.3
vanilla, soft serve 1 cup 375 38 7 153 173 13.5